Retail Director CV

A Retail Director is expected to take on a number of duties. However, they mostly specialize in making decisions related to sales, purchases, promotions, hiring of personnel and so on. Retail Directors are expected to have strong leadership qualities as well as competent administrative inclinations. They are directly responsible for the store and its ancillary profits and sales.

A Retail Director works with Retail Managers, Retail Coordinators and the entire Retail Staff including Retail Assistants and Salespersons.

Sample Retail Director CV Template

Alec Stewart

Fun Village Street



Mobile No: +76 663 726 872

Telephone No: +665 8876 876

Career Objective: To function in the Retail Industry using my administrative skills and leadership qualities to further the profits of a given company.

Professional Experience:

Large Band Stores (grocery store chain): 2005-2006: worked as an Assistant Retail Manager, responsible for restocking, recording sales and purchases and devising new schemes and promotions.

Comp 2 Stores (retail store): 2006-2008: worked as a Retail Manager, responsible for the entire store’s functioning. Jobs included restocking, sales and purchases, customer service and so on.

Brazilian SuperStores (supermarket): 2008-2010: worked as a Retail Director, in charge of the entire management staff. Responsibilities included policy formation, hiring of personnel, sales and purchases of stock and other materials and forming quarterly reports.

Retail Director Objectives:

  • To make decisions related to corporate policies
  • To determine which kinds of products may be sold
  • To make sales and purchases
  • To hire and assess key personnel on a regular basis
  • To represent the corporate divisions interests to the sellers


2002-2005: Master of Business Administration, University of Texas


A regular contributor to leading sales magazines around the country. My columns generally include tips and tricks of the trade.


  • Golf
  • Hunting


“Upon request”