Retail Duty Manager CV

A Retail Duty Manager is expected to take on the job of making the retail store as presentable, safe and secure as possible. It is his or her duty to check the premises for security breaches, for potentially unsafe areas and to ensure that the store looks spick and span. Candidates are expected to be active and involved.

A good CV is essential for applying for this job. Retail Duty Managers often work with Retail Managers, Retail Assistants and Retail Coordinators to ensure maximum efficiency.

Sample Retail Duty Manager CV Template

Robert Parr

Vlad Street, 3pm



Mobile No: +67 483 2983 2

Telephone No: +887 3882 283

Career Objective: To provide my expertise in the field of Duty Management to the Retail Sector so that all may remain in profit.

Professional Experience:

IDE Stores (retail): 2007-2008: worked as an Assistant Duty Manager, overseeing security measures and store appearances, including the handling of customer service.

Brainiac (retail store): 2008-Present: working as a Retail Duty Manager, responsible for the store’s appearance, customer service, security, opening and closing times and the inspection of perishable items for expiry.

Retail Duty Manager Objectives:

  • To make the store presentable
  • To make sure security protocols are being followed
  • To make sure that customers are being treated correctly
  • To ensure that no potentially unsafe areas exist in the premises
  • To look after the opening and closing of the store
  • To oversee employee working hours


2004-2007: BA in Communication Studies, University of Montana


I was awarded the second prize at the Annual Company Retreat for my exemplary work as a Duty Manager.


  • Playing Pool
  • Wine Tasting


“Upon request”