Retail Manager CV

A Retail Manager looks after nearly all departments that are related to the functioning of an actual store. This includes stocks, maintenance, human resources, team motivation, sales, purchases, promotions and so on. It is the job of the Retail Manager to ensure that the given store functions at its best and serves customers and companies alike.

A good CV is necessary to apply for the post of a Retail Manager. A Retail Manager may go on to become a Sales Representative, Company CEO or a Store Owner.

Sample Retail Manager CV Template

Robert Dufresne

67th Rue French

Washington DC

Mobile No: +34 22 34543 2

Telephone No: +847 47743 72

Career Objective: To work in the Retail Industry as a Manager to use my skills to the benefit of both the customers and companies.

Professional Experience:

HighLanders (chain of departmental stores), 2005-2009: worked as a Retail Manager, looking after stocks, hiring, team motivation and sales. I spent countless hours ensuring that the store is running at its optimum level and saw my efforts come to fruition when the company posted its highest profit margin in its ten years of existence.

Retail Manager Objectives:

  • To ensure the smooth running of all departments
  • To look after stock storage and purchase
  • To advertise new promotions and schemes adequately
  • To solve customers’ problems.
  • To motivate the sales team to work better
  • To supervise all sales and purchases


2003-2005: MBA in Retail Studies, University of Southern California


Featured twice on the annual company magazine as an important contributor to the company’s success.


  • Rock Carving
  • Gardening


“Upon request”