Retail Merchandising CV

Retail Merchandising is the process through which products are sold effectively. It the Retail Merchandiser’s job to analyze the products he is buying from sellers and determine their viability and thus set a suitable price on them, all the while complying with local tax obligations and such. Retail Merchandisers are expected to make profit on all products using promotions, schemes, special discounts and so on.

A Retail Merchandiser may work in conjunction with the Retail Coordinator and the Retail Manager.

Sample Retail Merchandising CV Template

Jimmy Cagney

Raptor Street

Salt Lake City


Mobile No: +543 3 234 24

Telephone No: +876 5874 583

Career Objective: To use my innovation and dedication to help both buyers and sellers earn profit through my work as a Retail Merchandiser.

Professional Experience:

Classic Stores (grocery chain), 2007-2009: worked as a Retail Merchandiser mainly dealing in fresh fruits and vegetables and all other perishable items. I was expected to meet certain deadlines for profits.

Retail Merchandising Objectives:

  • To best determine the value of products
  • To work with sellers to work out schemes and offers for maximum profit
  • To promote new products through discounts
  • To clear out older stock through sales, discounts and special offers
  • To work out the best retail price for items so that all may remain in profit


Master of Business Administration, 2005-2007, Utah University


I was awarded the grand jury prize for my innovative suggestions at the Annual Merchandise Workshop in Utah.


  • Acting
  • Computer Gaming


“Upon request”