Retail Template CV

For those going into Retail, it is important to know that the sector comprises of several jobs that can be undertaken by interested candidates. Retail jobs tend to be part-time for beginners and full-time for those looking to build a career in the industry. Jobs can range from clerk duties to telecommunications to work in the customer care service.

A CV is essential for both part-timers and full-timers. You may start a career in Retail from working as a salesperson and then advance through to become the Store Manager or Retail Manager.

Sample Retail Template CV Template

Luke Fraser

83rd Street, Red Lane



Mobile No: +67 554 877 676

Telephone No: +65 8657 74

Career Objective: To build a career in the retail industry through dedicated work, skill and excellence.

Professional Experience:

Seven-Eleven, Fleet Street, Houston, 2008-Present: working as a retail assistant. The job ranges from helping customers to keeping accounts to maintenance. I also help with assisting customers with sales, cartage and guidance. In case the Retail Manager is off-duty, I am often left in his position to oversee the work.

Retail Objectives:

  • To keep accounts of sales and purchases
  • To keep the store well maintained and functional
  • To communicate with customers effectively and clearly
  • To solve the customers’ problems
  • To look after the logistics of the business


2005-2008: BBA in Media Management, University of Chicago



  • Shakespeare Recitals
  • Tango Dancing


“Upon request”