Sales Assistant CV

A Sales Assistant works directly under the Sales Manager overlooking client feedback, issues, sales, stocks and payments. They are expected to be intelligent, hard-working individuals who can handle pressure from all sides. Sales is a tricky sector that demands candidate’s time and energy. A large part of a Sales Assistant’s job also includes direct interaction with clients, so good communication skills are a must.

A Sales Assistant generally works under the Sales Manager and/or the Sales Director, depending on the size of the staff.

Sample Sales Assistant CV Template

Bruno Garcia

Kelly Lake Side, 55th Street



Mobile No: +34 23 56544 33

Telephone No: +654 64555 433

Career Objective: To work in an extremely challenging and stimulating environment, providing my skills and expertise to emerge as an asset wherever I go.

Professional Experience:

2007-2009: Breillard Medical Machinery and Supplies: worked as a Sales Assistant mainly dealing with clients directly, guiding them through the company and its policies. Often I had to often complaints and act on my own judgment.

Sales Assistant Objectives:

  • To interact with clients so as to make relations better and smoother
  • To assist clients with product selection
  • To replenish depleted product supplies
  • To arrange for delivery dates and pick-ups
  • To meet sales targets
  • To process payments
  • To provide technical support to clients


BA in Communication Studies, Chicago University


I was featured on the monthly company magazine of Breillard Medical Machinery and Supplies as an exemplary employee.


  • Singing
  • Recording Sounds


“Upon request”