Sales Consultant CV Template

A sales consultant functions as an intermediary between a firm and its customers, both existing and prospective. The main function of a sales consultant is to let firms grow their customer base while also meet the expectations of the customer through various products and services. The sales consultants help to develop the mutual relationship between the firm and its customers so that each can work for the benefit of the other. The sales consultant will overlook the whole sales process and recommend if any improvements can be undertaken. The sales consultant CV template highlights how the candidate can apply for the role of a sales consultant by mentioning the skills, knowledge, aptitude, and attitude of the candidate.

Sample Sales Consultant CV Template

Curriculum Vitae


I would like to apply for the job role of a Sales Consultant wherein I would like to add value to the organization working for by _______________________ [mention the value add to the firm] by using my skills in ______________ [mention your strengthens that would help you in contributing to the job role]

Educational history:

  • Master Degree: ___________ [Post graduation details]

Period: ____________

Grade / Percentage: ________

  • Bachelor’s degree:  ____________ [Graduation details]

Period: ________

Grade / Percentage: ________

  • Certifications done: [Important certifications and trainings done]


Work history:

  1. From: _________ [Date start] To: ____________ [Date end]

Role: ____________________

Company: ______________________

Contributions: [Mention your job responsibilities in brief]

  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________
  • __________________

Personal Details:

Name: __________________________

Birth:  __________________________

Address: __________________________

Phone:  __________________________

Email:  __________________________