Sales CV Cover Letter Template

Sales CV Cover Letter Template

The Sales Director,                                                                                                                    Goodyear Ltd.,                                                                                                                Manchester

Dear Sir:

I understand existence of vacancy for the position of Sales Manager and wish to be considered in the light of my resume attached herewith.

Briefly, my experience includes completing a major project in my Introduction to Business course through the Management and Business Department at the University of Manchester. This course included a group project where 6 teammates and I analyzed the organizational structure and developed a marketing strategy for Widgets, Inc. As a group, we did a major analysis of the current financial structure of the company and presented to the Board of Directors in a final report based on our findings.

This experience provided solid business experience in research, analyzing data, teamwork, and presentation skills and provided an opportunity to present to major key players in high level management at the corporate level. In addition, I have learned a great deal about marketing techniques through my coursework in marketing strategies and marketing research.

I trust you will find my particulars match your requirement and look forward to receiving a favourable communication, I remain

Truly yours,