Sales CV

There are high expectations from you as sales professional. A sales professional is all about selling either a right or the wrong product to the assigned person. A successful sales professional would never go to a pitch unprepared. Hence you must do your homework even before applying for a job which includes what the company is looking for, what is their goal and what do they expect out of you.

Also while pitching the first 30 seconds either make or break your success story and hence the first half page of your CV must efficiently portray you as the right candidate for the job applied for. This is precisely the reason you go to a pitch well dressed, well informed and also well trained. So is the case with your CV. Your CV must be well written, well presented and also must well inform the recruiter of your work experience and your skill set.

If you are a sales professional, your skill sets and work experience are more important than your educational qualifications. All you need to do to get a sales job is sell and that has little to do with education and hence mention the same at the end of your CV.