Sales Director CV

A Sales Director is in charge of the entire Sales Department. It comes under his job requirement to decide what to sell, how to sell it and who to sell it to. He is in charge of setting the goals, hiring and firing, and studying scheduled reports regarding sales. He is at liberty to override any decision made by his subordinates and is generally responsible for profit and loss.

A Sales Director needs a very strong CV. He may work with Sales Managers and Executives to decide what is best for a company.

Sample Sales Director CV Template

Robert Altman

Four Street Side, 99th Lane

New York

Mobile No: +768  8768 387

Telephone No: +7 883 29 2983

Career Objective: To work in challenging environments that bring out the best in me, allowing for greater growth of both the company and myself.

Professional Experience:

BrooKes Wooden Furniture, 9 years of employment (2001-2010): started work as a Sales Assistant and was promoted to Sales Manager in 2003 and then to Sales Director in 2007. It is currently my duty to look after the entire sales department, including the hiring of new personnel. I am also required to make key decisions related to product sales.

Sales Director Objectives:

  • To hire, evaluate, and if need be, fire personnel
  • To decide on the line of products to be sold
  • To set goals for the entire team
  • To evaluate sales on a regular basis
  • To work with top customers solving their issues and problems


1999-2001: Master of Business Administration, New York University


I have frequently been awarded the employee of the quarter and of the year during my time at BrooKes.


  • Game Hunting
  • Gun collecting


“Upon request”