Sales Executive CV

A Sales Executive is responsible for finding new and lucrative markets for companies as well as keeping old relationships intact. The job requires individuals who are well-adapted to handling many different types of customers as well as well-versed in different markets. A Sales Executive’s job demands that they remain in constant touch with all customers (either through telecommunications or in person meetings) and to negotiate the terms of business.

A strong CV is required to apply for this job. Sales Executives work in close conjunction with Sales Directors, Sales Managers and other sales personnel.

Sample Sales Executive CV Template

Zack Cody

Gotham Central



Mobile No: +34 233 2234 54

Telephone No: +5784 43734

Career Objective: To use my communication and negotiation skills to the benefit of both the company and the customers in the Sales sector.

Professional Experience:

BreadMen (crockery suppliers), 2002-Present: started work as an Assistant Sales Manager and have found my way up through hard-earned promotions. Currently, I am working as a Sales Executive, responsible for client relations, new market research, market trends research and analysis and negotiations with customers.

Sales Executive Objectives:

  • To discover new and lucrative markets
  • To find new customers
  • To keep relations with old customers intact, and if possible, take them to better heights
  • To analyze current market trends
  • To negotiate deals and delivery dates
  • To represent the company at trade and business fairs
  • To present details of new and upcoming products to all customers


1999-2002: Bachelor of Business Administration, Ohio University


I was awarded third place at a highly competitive business workshop that concentrated on the handling of new markets. My proposal was considered highly intelligent and innovative.


  • Flower Gardening
  • Collecting Rings


“Upon request”