Sales Girl CV

A Sales Girl is expected to make effective sales of the products on offer. The job involves direct interaction with customers. Therefore, candidates are expected to be quick thinkers and effective salespeople. A Sales Girl must also be well versed in the company’s product line and be able to answer any and all questions that a customer may have.

Sales Girls generally work together with Sales Men and often under the watchful eye of the Sales Manager and Sales Director.

Sample Sales Girl CV Template

Edna Mode

Glue Street, 22nd Street

Green Bay


Mobile No: +87 9887 7786

Telephone No: +45466 6654

Career Objective: To use my skills as a people’s person to make effective sales for companies.

Professional Experience:

NaN Works, 2007-2009: worked as a Sales Girl for NaN Works a company that provides effective desktops for computer graphics work. It is my job to help them convince customers to buy their products. I am expected to give general sales presentations every chance I get.

Sales Girl Objectives:

  • To make effectives sales of products
  • To inform the customers of the entire range of products available
  • To keep customers updated about new developments and offers
  • To meet sales targets
  • To convince customers to buy the product in question


2004-2007: BA in Literature Studies, University of Wisconsin.


I met an all time high sales target and then went on to break it all in my first six months of work for NaN Works.


  • Jewelry Making
  • Table Tennis


“Upon request”