Sales Team Leader CV

A Sales Team Leader is expected to have excellent leadership qualities. It is he who set the tone for the rest of the group, motivating them, encouraging them and setting forth examples for them. A Sales Team Leader is expected to work personally with each member of the sales team in order to achieve the numbers possible.

A Sales Team Leader will often work under the Sales Director and with the Sales Manager. A good CV is a must.

Sample Sales Team Leader CV Template

George Fernandez

George Valley



Mobile No: +45 343 2332 354

Telephone No: +56 3432 2 2

Career Objective: To excel in the Sales Sector through my innovation, dedication and hard-work.

Professional Experience:

Kinu Door Knobs: 2002-2010: started work as a Sales Assistant and then have received regular promotions. Currently, I am working as a Sales Team Leader. My job is to look after the entire Sales Team (staff of 18 people). I set goals for them, as well as guide them towards potentially lucrative areas.

Sales Team Leader Objectives:

  • To ensure that the Sales Team is working at its optimum level
  • To train new personnel
  • To ensure that target sales are being met
  • To make and submit regular reports to the Sales Director
  • To ensure that the interests of the company are being served
  • To lead by example
  • To keep the Sales Team motivated


2000-2002: Master of Business Administration, University of Texas


My Sales Team over at Kinu Door Knobs has never failed to meet the target sales requirements. This is a record in the history of Kinu Door Knobs.


  • Chess
  • Studying Geology


“Upon request”