Science Teacher CV Template

Science is a very interesting, yet a very complicated subject matter. It involves lots of jargons or technical words which might be hard for high school students to recall. Thus, an affective Science Teacher for secondary education students shall be able to popularize such words and concepts to make it more understandable to students. To be able to do so, he/she must be knowledgeable enough about the subject matter and on its practical applications on our everyday lives.

Sample Science Teacher CV Template

Jonathan Scott

345 Finchley Road, Golders Green,

London, NW11 7PE


Phone: 020 7385 2223

Career Objective:

A hardworking and dedicated professional with an outstanding mastery of science concepts who aims to share his knowledge as a Science teacher for 2nd year high school students

Professional Qualifications:

1997-Present: Science Teacher IV,  Golders Green Elementary School

  • Prepared lesson plans and course exercises
  • Conducted regular class lectures and laboratory sessions
  • Guided students in preparing investigatory projects
  • Assessed students’ performance through examinations, graded recitations, and quizzes
  • Ensured a participatory and fun learning experience in and outside (field trips, etc.) the school premises

Educational Qualifications:

1990-1993: Bachelor of Science in Biology, Walthamstow Academy

1995: Associate Diploma in Education, London State University

Skills and Qualities:

  • Highly knowledgeable with science concepts and its practical applications
  • Gets along well with students, providing them with sufficient guidance and a friendly learning atmosphere
  • Has working knowledge with the use of different learning tools such as electronic modules, audio-visual presentations, visual aids, among others
  • Fluent in French and in English (spoken and written)





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