Security Officer CV

A security officer is a privately employed person who is paid to offer security to another person, property or an area. The security officers are uniformed personnel who prevent and detect illegal actions. Security officers need have knowledge of the law, surveillance skills and a desire to help others.

The security officers find employment opportunities in banks, hospitality industry, parks, warehouses etc.The minimum qualification is high school diploma for these jobs. Security officers having CPR, first aid or arms certification are better paid when compared with others who do not have these certifications. Given below is the sample CV of security officer.

Security officer CV Template

Victor  Russell

13 Baker Street W1H 8PO London

United Kingdom

Phone: 44 (0)34 5555 5678


Professional Experience

2003 – 2010 Security Officer Wind Makers Inc.


Security officer having first aid and arms certification looking for suitable employment opportunities in a multinational organization



  • Ensuring smooth running of the security contract.
  • Ensuring all incidents is recorded in the computerized internal system.
  • Monitoring logging and recording incidents on the site.
  • Following all the guidelines of the organization.

2000 – 2003 Security officer Springs Health club



  • Protecting company assets from theft.
  • Assisting the members of the club.
  • Ensuring the safety of all the members in the club premises.


  • High school diploma  St. Mary’s High School  2000
  • SIA  License (door supervision )
  • Certified in fire arms handling and first aid.

Hobbies and Interests

  • Long distance running
  • Body Building



Can be provided upon request