Simple CV template

A simple CV resembles a resume because it is usually short and not detailed. Jobs which are casual or temporary in the organization can be applied for using a simple CV which concisely shows the skills that the applicant can contribute to the firm.  A simple CV that has a good format can put you in the track of getting the job you so much desire and deserve. Be sure to include the important experience and knowledge in the simple CV. The following is a template of a simple CV:

Simple CV template

Kelly Smith Blair

Address: 99 Georges Square, Portsmouth ULHU5658

Telephone: 44 654 456789; Mobile Phone: 44 258 36914


Currently working as a sales representative where I have gained a lot of experience through working with many customers. A trustworthy and reliable individual with high integrity.


October 2001 to April 2005: University of Birmingham

Bachelor of Arts in Social Sciences

Additional Training

January 2000 to September 2000: Amber Technical institute of Technology

C++, Adobe Photoshop, Sage, Pastel and Dreamweaver


June 2008 to date: Shiners Corporation

Job Title: Sales Representative

Responsibilities: Looking for new market for our products, advising managers on ways to improve the product from contacts with customers, coming up with innovative ways to promote the company’s products, ensuring that the sales target is reached, conducting monthly visit to the key customers.

Sourcing and saving personal information about the customers to make follow-ups easier, distribution of promotional material.

February 2006 to May 2007:  Bank of West London

Job Title: Customer Service Representative, Credit card section

Responsibilities:  Assisting customers by giving them information about the different types of cards that the bank offers, helping the customers fill the application forms, alerting the customers if payments are due, contacting the referees of the customers when creating new credit card accounts, making follow-up calls to holders of new accounts, improving customer perception of the company.


Reading, Physical fitness, acting, writing poems, participating in community development activities


Increased the number of bank accounts by 10%,

Won the annual poem writing competition,

Graduated first in my class