Skills Based CV Template

When writing your skills based CV place emphasis on your personal skills and statement. Getting it wrong can mean that your chances of being invited to an interview are reduced. Be sure to highlight your professional goals and attributes summarizing why you should be considered for the job. When stating your accreditations in your skills based resume, your most impressive achievements should be priority. Remember flexibility and good communication qualities will enhance your chances of landing that job.

Skills Based CV Template

Andrew S. Anderson

66 Lower Richmond Rd

London SW15 8JY

Mobile Number: 1034 875 223

Telephone Number: 0129 8720 993

Relevant Skills

Team Work:

  • Participated with a team in stage performance play which won awards
  • Worked as a team member of Garners sales team to meet target sales and promote new film
  • Worked closely with production and design team to make appropriate costumes for various films
  • Worked with team members on ways to reduce production costs

Time Management:

  • Designed and produced 10 costumes for the play Maria and Joseph in 2 days
  • Worked under intense pressure to submit film proposal while working part time as a film lecturer
  • Developed time management skills and met all set deadlines
  • Produced 5 film scripts for the local theater presentation


  • Negotiated for an extension of the deadline of a big project on behalf of the company
  • Negotiated with fabric suppliers on a discount on the chosen materials for costumes


2000 – 2004: Bachelor of Science in Performing arts, London College of Fashion

Work Experience:

2004 – Present: Film Costume Designer


  • Purchasing materials for proposed costumes
  • Visiting market and sampling of various materials
  • Designing embroidery on the finished costumes
  • Introduced ways to simplify pattern cutting and as a result submit finished products in a timely manner

Other skills:

  • Familiar with Photoshop, Windows Vista applications
  • Able to speak German and French fluently.


  • Costumes I designed for 9 films received awards
  • 6 of the films I produced were selected to be viewed internationally
  • Was awarded 6 contracts to work on international films