Social marketing sample CV

Social marketing is the systematic trend of marketing, although the existence of all business concepts and techniques, social marketing accomplishes specific behavioral goals for the good of the society. Social marketing can be considered to promote assured products, make a society avoid non-assured products and eventually society gets wholly promoted

Sample Social marketing CV Format

Merrill Josh

44th Street




Mobile No: +34 232357

Telephone No: +5864584588

Career Objective: To work in a stimulating, challenging and well reputed social marketing institution marketing for the good of both me and the society.

Professional Experience:

SOC-MARK 2002-2004:  worked as an assistant social market specialist

SOC-MARK 2004 and till now: working as social market specialist

Social marketing Objectives:

  • To focus on the basic goal of social marketing “social good”.
  • To allow job-seekers to handle their online reputation during the process of build your own personal brand.
  • To develop creative marketing strategies
  • To meet personal marketing expectations
  • To inform interested people with how to build their Social Media resume
  • To feed interested individuals with technical support
  • To feed interested individuals with knowledge, activities, talents, experience and sociability factor within employment context
  • To use standard commercial marketing practicalities to accomplish the non-commercial goals for the good of the society


BA in marketing Studies, Chicago University


I was awarded the employee of the year reward for the year of 2008


  • Volley ball


“Upon request”