Social Media CV

Social media relates to the media extending services for development of society. They facilitate social interaction among people and society groups. Social media uses various tools to develop the communication technology among people. Social networking can be said to be a form of social media. The social networking sites facilitate communication among people and community groups thus providing as an effective tool of social media.

Sample Social Media CV Template

Richard Tony

Hillview Road

Ireland – 8674

Phone: 75-333-67


Career Objective:

I am seeking for a job in a good social media company where I can serve well to develop communication among people. I have good communication skills and effective analytical capabilities. I am hardworking and a reliable person. I have a record of developing gains for the company.

Professional Experience

2007-Present: Technology Systems, Manager

  • Developed deals and multiple information systems for effective communication.
  • Managed traditional and advanced marketing deals and tools.
  • Launched and designed blogs and websites for the company associates.
  • Built subscriber ratings and quantity by maximum percent.
  • Created newsletter for twitter accounts of the subscribers to facilitate effective add on features.
  • Developed comprehensive strategy in print and web advertising.
  • Communicated with brands to facilitate advertisement deals with the company.

Educational Qualifications:

2003-2006: Bachelors in Mass Communication, School of Mass Communication Studies

2006-2007: Diploma in Web Designing and Formatting, School of School of Mass Communication Studies






Professional reference will be provided upon request.