Solicitors CV

A solicitor is a lawyer who basically deals with any legal issue apart from conducting proceedings in courts (advocacy), having some exceptions in work nature. In e UK and Ireland, the legal jobs is split into solicitors and barristers. A lawyer will commonly hold only one title. Meanwhile in Canada, Australian New Zealand, the legal jobs is now for practical needs. allowing lawyers to hold both titles and practice them as well.

Sample solicitors Format

Dean fame

43rd Street




Mobile No: +43 7635789

Telephone No: +78 9863469

Career Objective: I am a highly talented Solicitor, knowledgeable and experienced. I have a solid command of the English language, paired with knowledgeable expectations in legal recruitment through a highly-competitive and challenging field

Professional Experience:

MMM Law, 2002-2004: worked as an assistant solicitor

MMM Law, 2004 and till now, working as solicitor

Solicitors Objectives:

  • To be able to give a brief description of company, turning points, and what the company specialize in.
  • To able to give brief descriptions of his role, influence of the solicitor to the business, etc.
  • To be able to show the successful projects solicitors were involved in and the way they impact on the business world.
  • To have the ability of both involving team management and build motivation.
  • To work under pressure


2000-2003 BA of law, knit university


I was awarded the employee of the year at MMM law in 2008.


  • swimming


“Upon request”