Sound Engineer CV Template

A sound engineer is the one responsible for the sound effects and control of productions such as concerts, plays, recitals, and other stage shows. They make sure all sounds are at its optimum quality. They mix sounds, edit recordings, host recordings, and operate instruments and tools needed. Creativity and deep knowledge in the music filed are required for a sound engineer.

Sample Sound Engineer CV Template

Alec Jenkins

123 Rowden Street,

Flintshire, Wales

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789


Career Objective

To become a sound engineer in a production company and be able to use my skills and knowledge in the music industry

Educational Background

Bachelor of Engineering in Sound and Broadcast Engineering

Glyndwr University, 2003

Work Experience

2002-present: Sound Engineer, ABC Productions


  • Collaborate with producers and performers to get the specifications of sound effects and background music in productions
  • Maintain equipment to ensure optimum performance during productions
  • Record, edit and arrange in chronological order all sound effects, recordings and music

2001-2002: Sound Technician, Smart Sound Studios


  • Scheduled all recording sessions
  • Oversaw and supervised all recording sessions
  • Edited and mixed different recordings as specified by the client


  • Keen to sound details
  • Knowledgeable in sound engineering software
  • Extensive experience in stage productions
  • Patient and diligent
  • Creative and updated with latest trends in the music and sound effects industry



  • Listening to all music genres
  • Composing songs in the piano
  • Fishing and canoeing


References available upon request