Sous Chef CV

A Sous-Chef is considered to be the second in command in a restaurant kitchen, working directly under the Executive Chef. A smaller outlet may not have this post altogether, whereas a larger place may have multiple openings. The main duties include scheduling, setting menus and substituting for the Executive Chef should he or she be off-duty.

If there is a Sous-Chef in a restaurant, more likely than not he or she will rank higher than the Head Chef, whose duties in such case would be limited to supervising cooking work.

Sample Sous Chef CV Template

Roy Weiber

Fourth Row, 66th Lane



Mobile No: +563 43 645 23

Telephone No: +876 98 29 329

Career Objective: To use my love for food and my managerial skills to become a Sous-Chef.

Professional Experience:

2004-2006, Grazy Restaurant: worked as a Chef, preparing a wide variety of culinary delicacies, including pastas, pizzas and lasagna.

2006-2008: worked as Head Chef of a small restaurant called Humble Tumblers, preparing general American Cuisine.

2008-2010: Shining Stars Intercontinental, worked as a Sous-Chef responsible for setting the menu, scheduling and smooth operations inside the kitchen.

Sous Chef Objectives:

  • To schedule employee and restaurant timings effectively
  • To contribute to the menu
  • To oversee kitchen work
  • To ensure that proper hygiene and safety protocols are being met
  • To substitute for the Executive Chef in the event of his or her absence


1998-2002: BA in Culinary Arts, London University


Humble Tumblers scaled new profit heights under my supervision as the Head Chef.


  • Visiting Museums
  • Collecting antiques


“Upon request”