Spa Manager CV

A Spa Manager’s duties depend on the size of the Spa Facility. Generally, they are expected to take care of everything from finances to maintenance of equipment to staff management and customer care work. They must adequately deal with customer demands and arrange spa facilities accordingly. They are also expected to properly inform customers of the facilities provided.

The job is specific for its sector, however, Managers from other others, such as Beauty-Club Managers are welcome to apply for posts.

Sample Spa Manager CV Template

Edward Wood

Up Hill Road, 85th



Mobile No: +765 76634 886

Telephone No: +87 865 7 886

Career Objective: To make a name in the beauty industry through working as a Spa Manager.

Professional Experience:

The Ayurvedic Spa Treatment, 2006-Present: currently employed as a Spa Manager responsible for financial work, customer dealings, staff management and general maintenance. I also handled all customer feedback, inquiries and complaints.

Spa Manager Objectives:

  • To keep abreast with new techniques
  • To hire capable staff with trained credentials
  • To provide training for the uninitiated
  • To take care of the customer’s needs
  • To make sure all equipment and tools are in order.


2001-2004: BA in English, University of Texas

Associates Degree in Beauty Techniques, Phoenix University


The Ayurvedic Spa Treatment Center was voted the best eastern beauty treatment in southern USA by the subscribers of the prestigious Beauty journal “You, too!”.


  • Skin treatments
  • Astrology


“Upon request”