Special Education Teacher CV Template

Special education teachers work with children who have disabilities. These children may have learning disabilities, mental retardation, autism, visual and hearing disabilities, physical disabilities, ADHD or emotional and psychological disturbances. SpEd teachers must be patient and knowledgeable of techniques and proper ways to handle children with disabilities. The demands for such professions are increasing due to the new ways discovered to treat and handle these special and gifted children.

Sample Special Education Teacher CV Template

Carisse Hampton

123 Malt Street,

Nottingham, NG11 0HU

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789

Email: c_hampton@email.com

Career Objective

Seeking employment as a special education teacher and be able to help special children learn an cope with their disabilities

Educational Background

MA Special Needs

University of Nottingham, 2006

PGCert Trauma Studies

University of Nottingham, 2005

BS Secondary Education

University of Nottingham, 2002

Work Experience

2007-2010: Special Education Teacher, Nottingham School


  • Prepared instructional materials
  • Made lesson plans and assessment forms
  • Taught students to improve their behavioral patterns
  • Fostered teamwork and camaraderie among students
  • Conducted meetings with parents and co-teachers regarding students’ progress
  • Collaborated with school administrators regarding activities and educational plans


  • Possess logical and critical thinking
  • Good motivational skills
  • Patient and lavish with positive reinforcement
  • Knowledgeable with different effective means of assessment
  • Sensitive to student’s needs and learning styles



  • Edited and revised five modules for special education
  • Have been successfully teaching and bonding with special children for more than 4 years


References available upon request