Speech and Language Therapist&Pathologist CV Template

Speech-Language Pathologists are also known as language therapists who are trained to diagnose and assess the treatment options of people with speech and language disorders, cognitive-communication and vocalization problems, swallowing, and linguistic fluency problems. They are known to employ diagnostic tools and technological advances that empower communication among people who cannot enunciate words properly like stuttering, or vocalize speech sounds among vocal paralytic. In addition, they are also consulted by people in various professions to modify or improve their accents to be better understood where they work.

Speech and Language Therapist/Pathologist) CV Template


Dr. Eleanor V. Steinberg, MD

Gower St., Bloomsbury, London

Phone:  020-2511-46-3225



To work as a Speech and language Therapist/Pathologist for a college or post secondary school that offers online educational programs

Professional Experience


1996 – Present: Distance Learning Coordinator,  St. George Language Diagnostic Center, UK

  • Assess the speech problems of patients with tests and observations and analyze or determine if cause is psychology or physiological.
  • Develop personalized treatment plan for each patient diagnosed with speech problems.
  • Attend seminars and symposia on latest developments and technological advancements in treating speech disorders
  • Recommend alternative and augmentative speaking technologies including sign language to aid patients with no vocalization prowess in expressing and communicating.
  • Supervise speech therapy classes for patients with promise in speed development.


  • Excellent interpersonal and people management skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills



1994 – 1996:  Internship with specialization in speech pathology at the University Medical Center,

1991 – 1994:  College of Medicine, Harvard University

1987 – 1991:  BS in Biology, Lewisham College, London


Can be provided upon request