Standard CV Template

A standard CV template is good for every day job. It is known to be very informative yet clear, simple and easy to read. Your standard CV resume should include your career functions targeting the job you are applying for. State in your curriculum vitae what specific contributions the company will benefit from. Your aim should be to convince a prospective employer that without your skills they will lose. Here is a sample standard CV template for a software programmer that you can emulate.

Standard CV Template Example

Marian J, Dunkins

44 Union Street

Manchester F6 4AE

Mobile Number: 44 9823 2233

Telephone Number: 0161 9289 121

Career Objective:

A software developer with an in depth knowledge in web application and development. Gained skills in software engineering, web design, java script, technical security, hard ware and software support.

Educational Background:

2003 – 2006: Masters in Information Technology, University of Kent

1998 – 2003: Bachelor of Science in Software Development, University College London

Work Experience:

2006 – Present: Software Developer, Jones and Smith Company


  • Designing specialist software systems for the finance sector
  • Providing MIS solutions and producing a web application for the education sector
  • Managing company data and storage
  • Connecting databases to be accessible by different departments
  • Working on installing wireless connections to all company computers
  • Developing industrial computer functioning control systems used by airports
  • Working as analyst on research labs around the city
  • Making sure all servers and running without default
  • Teaching colleagues the use a Linux a new operating system introduced
  • Working on Oracle SQL server version 7
  • Delivered client counseling regarding their personal computers and how to maintain them
  • Developed a software that will automate all general duties
  • Leading a team of 4 people on internet applications


  • Was made in charge of overseeing oracle V8 and V9 databases
  • Was awarded a certificate for best in web application support
  • Led a team of 4 to install data covers that were adopted by schools as a way of monitoring attendance, teacher details, school buses to name a few
  • Developed a software that was used to automate all company records for easier storage and retrieval
  • Was appointed as person in charge of teaching new staff about Java Script