Structural Engineer CV

It is a Structural Engineer’s job to ensure that the structure in question (bridge, large building, flyover, etc.) is sound enough to be able to endure the proposed load. He or she must also ensure that the foundations that the said structure is going to be laid on can endure the forthcoming mass. They often work on large non-building structures but not exclusively.

A strong CV is a requirement to get a job as a Structural Engineer. Structural Engineers can start off as Assistant Engineers or Civil Engineers.

Sample Structural Engineer CV Template

Anil Chadda

Rob Street

Old Detroit


Mobile No: +32 35445 346

Telephone No: +8665 454

Career Objective: To use my knowledge and its application thereof to ensure that structures are made to withstand both the test of strength and the test of time.

Professional Experience:

2002-2004, SAL Building Solutions: worked as a CAD Technician, providing three-dimensional imagery for the benefit of architects and engineers.

2004-2007: SAL Building Solutions: I was then hired as a Structural Engineer for my natural affinity in that sector. My job included running mathematical and computerized tests to ensure that structures would withstand all sorts of pressure. This was mainly for small office buildings.

2007-Present: Detroit Architects: Currently working as a Structural Engineer for large buildings, using my expertise to determine the best possible designs.

Structural Engineer Objectives:

  • To mathematically calculate a structure’s strength
  • To run computerized tests to determine problematic areas and conditions
  • To work with Architects and Contractors to solve structural problems
  • To present solutions to all parties through drawings and CAD imagery


2000-2002: Masters in Applied Physics, University of Michigan

1997-2000: BA in Architecture, University of Phoenix


My designs for structurally sound buildings were recently acquired and patented by a prestigious Japanese company.


  • Designing Toy Racing Cars
  • Lawn Mowing


“Upon request”