Student CV Cover Letter Template

Student CV Cover Letter Template

The Principal

Post-graduate College of Management

Trent University


Dear Sir:

Admission for Post Graduate Program

I am a student of Degree in Commerce from University of London and Wales. I am interested to pursue further studies and hence I seek admission in your college to pursue Master’s program in Management [MBA] in Finance, full time [2 years].

I have scored an aggregate of 89% in my degree examination and I was an above-average student even during my schooling. Besides, I had participated in games like cricket, volleyball and badminton and had only one chance to take part in state level games while I was in my school. Since my only goal till now was to score good marks, I gave second importance to games participation. Once I join this institution, I am planning to give some serious thoughts to participate in games and I will certainly take active roles in the same.

I enclose herewith my certificates. I now request grant of admission in MBA finance                I year.

Thank you

James Paul