Supermarket Manager CV

A Supermarket Manager has to take on many duties around the store. He or she must possess leadership qualities, as well as organizational skills and quick thinking. They are generally responsible for managing the human resources, looking after the stocks and inventory, and taking rounds to ensure all safety and profit protocols are being followed.

Supermarket Managers often work with the Retail Coordinators and Retail Managers, depending on the size of the supermarket.

Sample Supermarket Manager CV Template

Martin Lawrence

Den House, 77th Street

Los Angeles


Mobile No: +34 253 2343 234

Telephone No: +76 4747 3849

Career Objective: To use my organizational skills and dedication to guide supermarkets towards increasing profits through my work as a Supermarket Manager.

Professional Experience:

Big Kahuna Stores, Los Angeles, 2004-2006: worked as an Assistant Retail Manager, performing all sorts of duties around the store, from stocking to staff maintenance.

Ninety-Seven Stores, San Francisco, 2006-2007: worked as a Retail Manager, responsible for the smooth running of the store. I had to keep a tab of sales and purchases, new schemes, hiring of new personnel and so on.

Blee Supermarket, Los Angeles, 2007-2010: worked as a Supermarket Manager overlooking all aspects of the store, ranging from sales and purchase to employee morale to devising of new schemes and promotions.

Supermarket Manager Objectives:

  • To ensure the smooth running of operations
  • To look after the management staff
  • To devise new schemes and promotions for maximizing profit
  • To ensure all stocks are replenished
  • To ensure all customers are taken care of properly
  • To hire new personnel
  • To ensure that safety protocols are being followed around the store


2002-2004: MBA in Retail Management, University of Southern California


Frequently featured in the monthly newsletter of the Blee Supermarket as an exemplary employee.


  • Roller Blading
  • Skateboarding


“Upon request”