Supermarket Sales Assistant CV

A Supermarket Sales Assistant is responsible for performing all sales related duties as per the instructions from the Sales Manager. This may include guiding customers correctly, handling stocks and shelves, taking care of promotions and schemes and so on. They are expected to be active, friendly and quick thinkers.

A Supermarket Sales Assistant requires a good CV. They may eventually turn into the Sales Manager, or Retail Coordinator.

Sample Supermarket Sales Assistant CV Template

Joan Crowe

Grand Avenue, Xth Street



Mobile No: +564 453 223 23

Telephone No: +66 5675 4433 2

Career Objective: To work in a Supermarket environment as a Sales Person, using my communication skills to help both customers and the company.

Professional Experience:

Made For You (retail store), Colorado Springs, 2007-2009: worked as a Sales Assistant, responsible for new promotions and schemes as well as customer handlings and restocking shelves.

Supermarket Sales Assistant Objectives:

  • To work as per the instructions from the Sales Manager
  • To help customers by guiding them properly
  • To handle all sales related issues, including restocking and refunds
  • To delve into accounting work
  • To perform cashier duties
  • To inform customers of new offers, schemes and promotions


2004-2007: Bachelor of Commerce, University of Colorado.


I was awarded a special mention at the quarterly corporate meet of the administration of Made for You stores for my exemplary sales during that period.


  • Horse Race Betting
  • Juicing


“Upon request”