Talk Show Host CV Template

Talk show hosts are employed by television networks who hire individuals for hosting talk shows.  Talk shows are prevalent on television nowadays and this is because of the loyal following of audiences who patronize shows because of the excellent performance of talk show hosts.  These professionals have a pleasing and catchy personality that captivates live audiences as well as television viewers.  Talk show hosts interact closely with their audience and have special guests for each episode which they interview.  They also conduct contests or give tokens to their viewers which attract more people to follow each episode.

Sample Talk Show Host CV Template

Allen Downing

Aldgate, London, E1 0SD

Phone:  123-4567-8901



Amiable and witty performer is hoping to join a television network as a talk show host where I can reach out to the audience and add to the good ratings of the network.


Summary of Qualification

  • Seven years of experience as a performer and talk show host.
  • Possess a pleasing and vibrant personality that can captivate audience.
  • Highly knowledgeable of different topics from lifestyle to music.
  • Outstanding skill in interacting with the audience.
  • Good at giving advice and suggestions about life problems.


Career Experience/Job History

2003 – Present:  Talk Show Host, Help Television Network

  • Attend meetings with program director to brainstorm ideas for each episode.
  • Interview special guests to glean inspirational messages and lessons from their life.
  • Talk to the audience and get them involved in the show.


1998 – 2002:  Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, London University


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.