Teacher/Teaching CV Template

Since teachers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, their Curriculum Vitae are in different formats, depending on the background, skills and area of expertise that one has. The teacher resume should show good interpersonal, organizational and communication skills. Teacher job CV templates should also show examples of other skills outside of class activities that one can handle. This is because head teachers need teachers who are willing to go the extra mile with their students.

Example of Teacher/Teaching Template

Thomas Wilson

Pine Grove Road

Hanover, BA 1835

Telephone: 372 372 0912

Mobile: 532 802 3927


Career Objective

To work in an organization where I will be able to utilize my background in education and my strong organizational skills

Educational Qualifications

2003-2005: Master of Education

2002: Bachelor of Education in English and Special Education, in University of Southern Australia

Professional Qualifications

    1. Class Teacher, Year 7, Fergusson School


  • Designing of visual aids to teaching
  • Motivated parents to take an interest in their children’s academic and facilitated organization of PTA meetings.
  • Communicated with parents on a regular basis on their children’s development, behaviour and performance in school
  • Worked together with other staff in lesson planning, teaching and assessment of children
  • Coming up with unit and daily lessons for the English class
  • Initiated and organized clubs for the students, acting as patron for the swimming team
  • Overseeing S.A.T classes and examination
  • Restructured English classes, especially for foreign students learning English. Gave individual attention to children
  • Took part in the writing of a new curriculum
  • Maintaining records and reports of all the students
  • Fostered a conducive class environment for students to learn
    1. Department Head, English Language, Fergusson School


  • Utilizing computers to instruct students in the classroom to improve learning
  • Specially skilled to motivate students to work hard and achieve their potential
  • Handling conflicts among students and calming down students who are out of control
  • Mentor for a number of students in different grades
  • Ability to maintain good communication and professionalism with fellow staff members and students
  • Ability to tailor-make the lesson plans to suit students from diverse backgrounds