Technical CV

Engineering, science, IT, etc are professions which require you to write a technical CV and also demonstrate your technical skills.

However, the trick is in writing a CV which is highly technical in nature and yet easily readable and understandable by someone who has insufficient technical background like a human resource professional. By all means, your CV template might first land up in a HR department and then further move on to the technical department.

Do not write a laundry list of all your technical skills. Rather include a descriptor of only those skills that are required as per the current job vacancy. Also required is the information on how long ago did you ever use these technical skills as this is a very dynamic industry and technology changes or upgrades each day. Hence, it is important to validate the usability of your skills.

Also mention all the companies that you have worked for and your role in the context of that company. However, this must be mentioned in a crisp and accurate manner and must not be presented like a story.

Do not forget to mention any professional certifications that you have received during the course of your career and its relevance for the current job opportunity.