Technical CV Template

A technical CV template is all about specifying your skill. This resume should emphasize your abilities in a way that will sell you. As you write your own technical curriculum vitae, use words like responsible, implementing, handling and managing. These action words will stress the work you have done. A technical resume should present you as a professional and well experienced in your field of work. Below is a sample of this CV which you can adapt when creating your own.

Example of Technical CV Template

Daniel S. Mankin

East Drive 9PI

Walimu Drive, 9JG


Mobile Number: 298 662 013

Career Objective:

Hard working and self motivated computer specialist with the desire to work in a competitive information technology company with the main aim to achieve industry goals and support the company direction.

Educational Background:

  • 2000 – 2004:  Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Management, Moi University
  • GCE A’ Levels: Mathematics (B), Chemistry (B), Physics (A)
  • 2002:   Dean’s list entry
  • 2006:   IEEE certified member

Technical Experience:

  • Language and OS: Java (JDBC & Servlets), JavaScript, PERL, C/C++, XML, Visual C++, Command Languages, UNIX, DOS 6.0
  • Platforms:  Sun Workstation, Vaxstation IBM PC and Compatibles, MicroVAX; PDP11, IBM 3800, Convex 120(Unix Super Computer), TRANSPUTERS.

Work Experience:

2006 – Web Support Operations Manager / Engineer at OSRP, LLC.


  • Responsible for managing a team of designers and developers who are producing Web sites using JSP, ASP, Java, Perl, Oracle, Sybase, JavaScript, XML, WML, PHP, C++, C and HTML for major clients.
  • Responsible for the design and execution of the development work as well as retaining a very hands-on involvement in the work itself.
  • Maximizing website profits
  • Responsible for the design, development and implementation of web based financial systems.
  • Recruiting quality developer staff and redefining company needs
  • Implementing strategic business plans, various marketing strategies
  • Handling of trading accounts
  • Managing profit accounts and training employees on ways to increase sales
  • Responsible for web development and web infrastructure design

2004 – 2006: Senior Software Engineer


  • Worked on a variety of software projects with major effort in the design of a Telecommunications Control System for Commercial Air Traffic Control. Majority of Software written in ‘C’ on a PC Compatible running DOS, program of 10,000 lines of structured code using the Yourdon design methodology.
  • Responsible for the design of a project to develop a rapid software prototyping system using Case tools and Object Orientated Design methods. Involving Excelerator 1.8, Teamwork, C++ and OSF Motif/X-Windows for the Graphical Interface.