Technical Illustrators CV Template

With a mastery of CAD/CAM and other PC drawing application tools, the Technical Illustrator uses both artistic and technical skills to generate 2D and 3D drawings and realistic renderings of complex electro-mechanical parts for use as reference data in technical and engineering manuals that new hires can read.  They also use animation tools to better illustrate not just the “what” but also the “how” in machine part operation.  A technical Illustrator’s resume should include a comprehensive from a portfolio of recent works.

Sample Technical Illustrator CV Template

Samuel K. Lester

Euston Rd., London, UK

Phone:  020-6457-5499


To be part of a team of technical illustrators for a manufacturing company with an in-house technical reference manual to maintain.


Professional Experience

2001 – Present:  Technical Illustrator, Porsche Gmbh, UK

  • Draw and render relevant automotive illustrations patterned after actual or photographed parts or CAD drawings originally used in their production.
  • Draft Corel Draw in preliminary illustrations for approval
  • Use state-of-the-art drawing and animation tools to render automotive parts
  • Finalized approved illustration for file embedding prior to printing or upload to online user manuals.
  • Revise easting illustrations as directed


  • Excellent technical drafting skills and command of PC drawing tools
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English and German.
  • Portfolio of illustration available upon request during the interview



  • Received management commendations from the technical training department for excellent 3D graphics of automotive parts consistently between 2005 to the present
  • Portfolio of illustration available on request during interview



2001 – Present: In-house and 3rd party seminars on using latest versions of CAD/CAM and other PC drawing systems

1999 – 2001:  BS in Mechanical Engineering (Undergraduate), Sheffield Hallam



To be furnished upon request