Technician CV

Whether you are writing a surgical technician CV or an IT technician CV, the basic information required and the purpose of the CV will remain the same.

A technician CV must contain a detail account of all the machinery, equipments, systems and processes that you are well versed with. Since a technician’s job mostly involves operation these systems and equipments, a good command and experience on the same is definitely a much sought after skills.

Mention the list of all the equipments that you have worked on and also their make and type so that the potential recruiter can understand if you fit the current job role. Also give a brief descriptor of your turn around time in case of any emergency with the equipments. What can work best is you giving examples of how you have handled such emergency situations in the past and how it saved your past organization from a big trouble.

Since most of the companies have very limited number of people who have an expertise this kind of machinery/ systems and equipments, your role in keeping them operational becomes indispensable and hence your CV must assure the recruiter of your ability to do so even during the times of emergency.