Telecommunications Engineering CV

Telecommunications Engineering is a branch within Electronic Engineering, but is so vast in itself that it deserves its own place under the sun. A Telecommunications Engineer devises electronic products for the purposes of remote communications. They are known to create complex telephonic systems, data communication networks and fiber optics appliances.

The job is a highly sought after post, considering our dependence on technology in this information age. A strong CV is recommended for applicants. Telecommunications Engineers are require the correct qualifications, as the field is a special branch of expertise.

Sample Telecommunications Engineering CV Template

Porky Biggs

Random Street



Mobile No: +23 3450293 0

Telephone No: +458 29387

Career Objective: To build my career with and around telecommunications engineering.

Professional Experience:

Blop Telecommunications, 2006-Present: currently employed as a Telecommunications Engineer, working at creating telephonic systems and data transfer modules. The work is challenging because our team is trying to marry fiber optics with a better material our engineers have dubbed super fiber optic. It allows for even higher frequency information to pass through.

Telecommunications Engineering Objectives:

  • To design telephonic systems
  • To use fiber optic technology to maintain stream integrity
  • To create data transfer modules
  • To assist in video communications
  • To oversee the telecommunications budget of the company


2002-2006: Bsc in Telecommunications Engineering, Utah University


The work of our team at Blop Telecommunications has been featured in countless magazines and newspapers.


  • Origami
  • Japanese Culture


“Upon request”