Telemarketing CV

Telemarketers showed up along with the responsibility of creating sales trends for the business. For such purpose, they follow marketing companies of the organization and generate new trends. They track and monitor the status of the market with the help of market researchers marketing assistants and marketing specialists in the company.

Sample Telemarketing CV Format

Many Grant

03th Street




Mobile No: +34735687568

Telephone No: +8568569679

Career Objective: To look for employment opportunity at a reputed telemarketing company for mid-career level and later for permanent position where my talent and experience can be used and enhanced extensively and lifted for the upper level

Professional Experience:

Tel- Marketing 2002-2004:  worked as an assistant telemarketing specialist

Tel- marketing 2004 and till now: working as a main member in the telemarketing crew

Marketing Objectives:

  • To interact with online marketing specialists to promote for the right products online
  • To adjust sales scripts to enhance specific demands and interests target audience
  • To answer telephone calls of big wig customers
  • To meet marketing targets
  • To Contact business ventures and sole individuals over telephone for up to date communication
  • To feed clients with technical support
  • To Scheduling appointments to sales and marketing team for customer life interaction
  • To develop new tools(forums , e-mails.. etc) for increasing sales ratio


BA in marketing Studies, Chicago University


I was awarded the employee of the year in Tel-Marketing in 2008


  • dancing


“Upon request”