Theater CV Template

People with a theater background can use this template to get further jobs or roles in different plays. Along with the routine description about yourself, you should include the details of plays that you have performed. Along with experience, if you have any play writing or singing or dancing experience, do not forget to mention it. Theater is such a creative field that there is scope for everyone who is creatively inclined.

Sample Theater Resume Template

Wayne Redburn,

34, Morton Apartments,

Blueberry Lane,



Mobile Number: 44 0987 6543

Telephone Number: 01934 670911

HEIGHT :  5 ft 10
WEIGHT :  90 lbs

EYE COLOR :  Brown
AGE :  30

Career Objective

To get roles in the best theatrical performances and to be able to demonstrate my dancing, singing and acting capabilities. To be recognized as a theater actor with a difference. Need a good theater performance to show my ability to improvise depending on the situation.

Educational Background

Bachelor of Arts, Dramatic Arts major, 2000

Acting and Directing, James Wedgewood, 2002

Certificate course in Play writing, 2003

Other training

Voice modulation


Ballet – Kelly Rodgers

Jazz – Vivian Leigh

Tap Dance – William Clive

Work Experience

  • Worked in many theatricals like Summertime, Indian Man, Warriors of the World, Dance in the rain, Clouds for you, Master stroke, Love in good times, Michigan, Water works, A King called Peter, Walk in the rain, Million starry nights and many more
  • Wrote the play Dance of the Gods, River Side, Wishful Thinking, Mind over matter
  • Assisted in directing the plays Friends forever, Fire fighters, Drink no more
  • Have also been involved in teaching theater and acting to children between the age group 6-10 years
  • Have been taking creative writing classes for small children aged between 6-10 years
  • Teaching jazz numbers to a few students
  • Performed for two consecutive seasons with the Lancashire Musical


  • Singing
  • Dancing – Jazz, Ballet, Tap Dance
  • Multi lingual – Spanish, Russian, French, Italian and English
  • Well versed in dialects like Cockney and even some African dialects.