Trainee Banking CV

Trainee banking employees are required for the entry level. Trainee banking employees are required showing educational qualification and leadership skills. These are required to get a clear view of their analytical skills and supervision skill. Trainee employees are required to act as a bridge the gap between client and senior officials.

Trainee banking CVs are important when you are applying for the post of management trainee, trainee clerk, trainee sales manager and etc.




Jenny Dickens

Merryland Housing 345-67,

Benking Street,


Mobile No.: +15008635849

Telephone Number: +108467234901

Career Objective:

To get a job in my field of which I am worth. To enhance my skills and knowledge and then to apply them for the professional growth of the company.

Professional experience:

Citi Bank, Ireland, 2006-2009: Worked as management trainee on live projects and was involved in managing the mortgage loan and real estate loan section of the bank.

Trainee Banking Objectives:

  • To make the bank focus by making excellent business
  • To cooperate with the client and account holders.
  • To increase banks turnover so as to assure bank incurs gain.


2000-2004: Completed Bachelor degree in electrical engineering from university of Wales.

2004- 2006: Completed MBA in marketing from London University.


Became chess champion in inter college competition. Awarded best trainee award for regularity and client handling.


  • Playing chess
  • Playing cricket
  • Coin collection


“Upon request”.