UK Europass CV Template

A Europass CV is used by persons planning to work in Europe and has a slightly different format. This kind of CV lets you highlight your skill rather than focusing on the format. Drawing up a UK Europass CV is the first step to looking for that dream job. The curriculum vitae need to seize the reader’s attention. To achieve this, set your skills, qualifications and competences logically and clearly. Give attention to detail and presentation and avoid spelling mistakes. A resume should be brief; a maximum of 2 pages.

UK Europass CV Template

Surname: Peter L. Hodgen

Address:  8 Ham Ridings Richmond LS 12

Surrey 9 HS

Mobile Number:  298 1120 831

Telephone Number: 0116 923 7565

Nationality: British

Date of Birth: 4/6/1972

Gender: Male

Career Objective

Dedicated English teacher who believes that student’s talents and abilities can be nurtured in a positive environment. Seeking to improve students fluency in reading and writing English in a reputable school that promotes growth.

Desired Employment: Teacher of English


2000 – 2004: Bachelor of Science in Education, University of Liverpool

Work Experience

Dates; 2005 – Present

Position Held: Teacher of English, Lincon Academy UK


Preparing and scheming lesson plans before presenting in class

Delivering English lessons to students of different nationalities

Offering private lessons to slow learning students

Organizing of social programs for students

Taking students to theatres to watch performances of poems and acts

Organizing students into groups for discussions

Maintaining student records in order

Assisting with welfare programs

Administering English tests and marking papers

Having counseling sessions with students

Provided supplemental in-class support to disabled students

Maintained effective behavior of students in class by incorporating motivational

Encouraged students to take charge of their own learning and life

Enhanced student improvement academically evidenced by high grades in

Initiated student debate sessions on important topics in the society today

Initiated additional time on reading novels and watching literature films

Partnered native speaking students with non-English speakers to enhance faster


Twenty (20) out of twenty five (25) students passed the subject with a grade of

A Non-native speakers were able to complete the class and speak English fluently without a strong accent.

Ten (10) students were admitted to international colleges around the UK after
passing their TOEFL exams