Ultrasound Technician CV

An Ultrasound Technician’s job is a very specific one. He or she needs to be able to operate the Sonography equipment provided by the institution. Moreover, it is essential for the Ultrasound Technician to be able to properly explain the procedure to the patients, and effectively guide them to produce the best possible images.

This sample CV may be used for those applying for the post of an Ultrasound Technician, whether for an intern or as a full time technician. They may also become Patient Care Technicians at a later date.

Sample Ultrasound Technician CV Template

John Barrymore

5th, Avenue Street

Beverly Hills



Mobile No: +66 487 3842 1334

Telephone No: +401 4583 38475 2

Career Objective: To excel in, and contribute to, the field of Ultrasonography by becoming an Ultrasound Technician; one who deals directly with patients, physicians and the machines.

Professional Experience:

Sonography Test Lab, New York, 2005-2006: worked as Assistant to Chief Ultrasound Technician, helping out with paperwork and the prepping of patients.

Saint Cain’s Hospital, New York, 2006-2009: worked as the Chief Ultrasound Technician, spending countless hours working both with physicians and patients alike.

Ultrasound Technician Objectives:

  • To correctly and effectively operate the Ultrasound Machines
  • To explain the process to patients correctly
  • To properly guide patients to produce the best results, including physical help
  • To co-operate with physicians and to provide them with the best imagery
  • To maintain the Ultrasound Machines


2001-2004: Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare, Minnesota University, Minnesota

2004-2005: Associates Degree in Allied Health Science, South University (Online Course)


Voted hardest working employee at the Sonography Test Lab in the year 2005 by colleagues and the administration.


  • Reading
  • Computer Graphics
  • Hiking


“Upon request”