Visual Artist CV Template

Visual artists are individuals that may or may not have formal educational background but have talent in producing artworks through media experienced by sight.  Through their specific media, they can communicate ideas and reflect nature and society.  Visual artists may specialize in varying fields such as painting, architecture, sculpture, and photography.  Because of their numerous media they can specialize in, visual artists may be self-employed or may also work in companies and offices as graphic artists, animators, or illustrators.

Sample Visual Artist CV Template

Vanessa Brown

Stratford, London E17 5LA

Phone:  555-776-6039



Talented and creative visual artist searching for a job in a designing company where my abilities as an artist can be maximized and further enriched.


Summary of Qualification

  • Four years of experience as a visual artist.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in fundamental art principles.
  • Adept in the use of computer applications for editing graphics and drawings.
  • With excellent skills in written and oral communication.
  • Excellent people management skills.
  • Excellent negotiating and persuasive skills.
  • Outstanding organizational and leadership skills.
  • Innovative and attuned to the trends in visual arts.
  • Efficient and resourceful.


Career Experience/Job History

2006 – Present:  Visual Artist, Creations Art Group

  • Conceptualize and create visual arts that are fitting for each month.
  • Formulate a plan for promoting visual arts in the country such as holding activities and workshops.
  • Oversee other artists and provide constructive criticism to their artworks.
  • Participate in shows and art exhibits.


2001 – 2005:  Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts, London University


Professional reference will be furnished upon request.