Vocational Education Teacher CV

Vocational education teacher is a career which is based on personal experience and skilled occupations, like cosmetology, commercial art, electronics, and plumbing. In the classroom, they help students to develop those skills and areas. Vocational education teacher CV template can be helpful for job placement public or private high schools, in community colleges, or in privately owned trade schools and also Ngo’s

Vocational Education Teacher CV Template

Alen Jones

23, Pine cop Street,

Norwich 03989

United Kingdom

005 – 453 – 9641 – 22

alen@yourmail. com

Objective: Seeking challenging position as a Vocational Education Teacher to use my skills and in the college and train my students. This position would provide me many opportunities to utilize my training and leadership skills.


  • ExCellent record of teaching and encouraging and preparing high school graduates with applied skills and those who have left high school for jobs or other reasons
  • ExCellent written, communication and interpersonal skills and a ability to work with all types of people and handle any type of situation that may arise with the customer.


2008 – 2010

Down Town Vocational College, London

Vocational Instructor

  • Primarily responsible for teaching classes in plumbing, carpentry and organizing labs and meeting with students regarding career choices.
  • Responsible for teaching various foreign languages like German, Chinese to the working Professionals
  • Responsible for organizing the case studies and presentations for students to understand the subject efficiently.


Lawrence University, London

Vocational Teacher

  • Responsible for teaching students of vocational studies
  • Responsible for preparing individual lesson plans for a Deaf student.
  • Conducted classes and sessions for the students who opted teaching as career.


2001 – 2004

Bachelor of Arts and Foreign language

University of Wimbledon, Wimbledon


Master of General education

University of Dundee, Dundee

Certification in Vocational course and Cad and Carpentry


  • Best teacher for hearing impaired students at Lawrence University
  • Won 1st Prize in foreign language translation of English to German

Professional reference

Available on request