VP Comptroller CV Template

The Vice President Comptroller heads the accounting department of a large company with direct control over all aspects of financial accounting such as fixed asset accounting, account receivables and payables accounting, revenue or sales accounting, cost accounting and general ledger accounting along with the release of financial statements and settlement of corporate tax liabilities.  He is responsible for implementing all relevant government accounting standards and regulations, business accounting policies and other accounting practices.

Sample VP Comptroller CV Template

Francine K. Hartwell

Folkstone Rd., Bristol, UK

Phone: 0161–132-3354



To lead a company’s accounting department as a VP-Comptroller

Professional Experience


2005– Present: VP Comptroller, Smithsonian Apparels Ltd, Bristol, UK



  • Provide corporate direction in the implementation of accounting policies and standards to the various accounting divisions.
  • Conduct monthly executive staff planning and coordination meetings among division heads.
  • Review and approve financial statements to be issued as official corporate documents.
  • Coordinate with the Corporate Planning office on actual financial performances for the year in the preparation of annual and quarterly reports.
  • Develop due diligence accounting review procedures in the acquisition of companies.
  • Approve capital expenses below ₤10 million and present expense higher for CFO or CEO approvals.



  • Exceptional organizational, managerial and leadership competence
  • Excellent verbal and written communication as well as interpersonal skills
  • At least 10 years experience in heading a department-strong workforce in the accounting field.


Successfully managed the consolidation of assets with merged companies under the group’s umbrella in 2003 and facilitated the adoption of a comprehensive accounting system from SAP/Financials.



2002 – 2005: MBA, Cambridge University

1995 – 1999: BS Accounting, Worcester College, Oxford


Can be provided upon request