Waiter CV

A Waiter is required to attend to restaurant patrons, performing all duties ranging from taking orders to registering complaints. A Waiter is expected to have good communication skills, be presentable, and have bucket loads of patience.

A Waiter generally performs all duties on the front-end of a restaurant, however, depending on the size of the outlet, he or she may only have to perform one or two duties, like taking orders or serving coffee.

Sample Waiter CV Template

Linda Hamm

Washer Lane, 33rd

Los Angeles



Mobile No: +987 987298 27938

Telephone No: +4563 3045

Career Objective: To work my way up to the top positions in the restaurant industry.

Professional Experience:

2008-Present, Big Kahuna Burgers: currently employed as a Waiter, responsible for everything from seating to taking orders to cleaning up. I am also expected to wait until after the last customers have left before cleaning up and retiring myself.

Waiter Objectives:

  • To seat patrons according to their preference
  • To take orders
  • To process orders by passing them on to the correct division
  • To listen to and to act upon customer complaints
  • To serve patrons in all manners possible
  • To bring the order to the table
  • To clear up the table after the patrons


2005-2008: BA in English Literature, Michigan University


I participated in a local food convention and was awarded the right to represent Big Kahuna Burgers for the same.


  • Cooking
  • Two-Wheeler Riding


“Upon request”