Waste Management Manager CV

Waste management is not only about picking up waste. This is why a manager holds a position that presides over waste management and not just waste! When waste is collected it has to be managed, through the management processes there could come some benefit from the waste we throw away.

Waste Management Manager CV Template

Quinton Quincy

01202 642 333

53 Kingland Crescent, Poole,

Dorset, BH11 7TA

q. quincy@youremail. co. uk


To ensure that whatever that is good is not thrown away. By this I mean that I want to really manage the waste so that it will benefit the human population

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Eccentric organizational and management skills
  • Ability to read in various languages and understand various cultures of people of different backgrounds.
  • I have a personality which encourages solutions to problems.



University of Dundee, Bachelor’s Degree in Pollution and Management


University of Sheffield, Master’s Degree in Environmental Hazards and Waste Management

Career Experience/ Job History:


Shepark Waste Company

Waste Management Manager’s Assistant

  • Oversee the upkeep and use of heavy duty equipment
  • Organizing community clean up exercises among community people
  • Organize programs educating people on best ways to dispose of waste
  • Assist supervisor on whatever paperwork has to be done
  • Organize fun games to encourage staff
  • Report to manager


“Help the World Clean” Non-Governmental Organization


  • Represent the company in educational programs
  • Leading team in ongoing research on best ways to manage waste
  • Hold meetings with representatives worldwide and discover their problems


Recognized by Queen for good works concerning sustaining the environment

Professional references upon request