Water Engineering CV

Water Engineering is an umbrella term given to all engineering work related to controlling, dispersing and cleaning of water. Water Engineers work on water-based projects and provide their expertise on the liquid to help make decisions accordingly. Occasionally, there may be other liquids involved, but most often Water Engineers work with water.

Water Engineers generally have a Civil Engineering or an Environmental Engineering background. They are expected to have a good CV as the job is a very important one for the companies involved. Water Engineers sometimes work under Environmental Engineers.

Sample Water Engineering CV Template

Blaine Shorty

Falls Street

Rapid City

South Dakota


Mobile No: +987 9839 832

Telephone No: +829 28 3934

Career Objective: To provide my expertise and understanding of water as a liquid force to help with projects that deal with it.

Professional Experience:

Control Environmental Engineering, 2007-Present: working as an Environmental Engineer with a special monopoly over water based projects. It is my duty to answer all calls related to projects that are looking for water purification, flow and cleaning.

Water Engineering Objectives:

  • To purify water that has been diluted
  • To make paths for the water to naturally leave the premises
  • To prevent floods through effective planning
  • To make sewage water flow properly


2003-2007: Bsc in Environmental Engineering


A book of mine on water management on factory sites is nearing publication (it has already found distributors).


  • Gold polishing
  • Mountain Climbing


“Upon request”