Web based CV

With the advent of technology and the extensive use of World Wide Web for everything, it is obvious that CVs will not be left behind and will definitely enter the virtual world. Web based CV as the name suggests is a CV that is tailor made for online websites and job market. Given the situation today, it is absolutely imperative that you have a web based CV at your disposal to post at various job websites and forums.

The basic criteria to be kept in mind while drafting a web based CV are the keywords that you will use. Always ensure to create a keyword rich CV, using the relevant keywords that are used to search for CVs such as yours. This is very important as employers often look for CVs under specific categories and having a keyword rich CV will definitely place you higher in search engine rankings under that category. Secondly, it is important to create an achievements based CV, as this will definitely make your CV stand apart from the others.

Thirdly, style and formatting of the CV is very important and plays a very important role in attracting the prospective employer. Using word processing software as well as the web layout software, you can create a CV that is very well presented.

The next important factor is to make total use of the tools provided by various forums and online websites for creation of your CV and making it presentable. This can be stated as the advantage of creating a web based CV as it is easy to tailor make each CV for every website you visit.

Last but not the least, always test run your CV and proof read for mistakes before you make that final posting.