Welder CV

A welder is a person skilled in using tools to join two metals for construction purposes. Welders must complete training to ensure safety and durability of each job they complete. Some may have big tasks while some are more concerned with minute details. Whichever path a welder takes, apprenticeship and experience are still needed to become a professional and certified welder.

Sample Welder CV Template

Cory Brown

123 Naworth Drive,

Newcastle, NE5 5QQ

Telephone Number:  12 345 6789

Mobile Number: 07123456789

Career Objective

Looking for a full time position as a welder in a construction company to practice my skills and expertise in construction and metal welding

Educational Background

High School diploma

ABC High School, 2003

Welding training and certification, 2004

Work Experience

2009-Presesnt: Senior Welder, ABC Construction


  • Supervise welders in their specific job assignments
  • Review the blueprint and disseminate the welding assignments to all workers
  • Carry our welding works in building constructions
  • Welded vehicle parts as assigned
  • Responsible for minor and minute welding projects

2006-2009: Welder, ABC Construction


  • Reviewed blueprints and welding specifications
  • Welded metal parts with gas and welding equipment
  • Did other duties as assigned by the Senior Welder



  • Proficient in welding different materials such as aluminum and steel
  • Proficient in verbal English communication
  • Knowledgeable in electric welding



  • Certified welder
  • Underwent and passed welder training
  • Have been professionally working for more than 7 years


References available upon request